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If users aren't immediately productive, they'll leave.

Keep new users from leaving before completing the onboarding experience.

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You'll find that the achievement list (1) immediately lets you know what is expected of you as a user, and (2) gives you more motivation, because people like completing checklists.

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Got a sunburn on this ride
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Our Galaxy
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Sun doing its job
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I ate the hell out of that salad
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Before it collapsed
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I'm in here somewhere I think
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Never going back
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What the fog?
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In Kyoto or something
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Whether it’s numbered steps, a task-style checklist, or a progress bar, giving users a sense of how far they have to go to complete the onboarding process helps reduce abandonment. If new users know how many steps they must complete, they’re more likely to complete the process. β€”Nate Munger, Intercom on Onboarding

Create Achievement Lists

With our point-and-click interface, it's easy to build something that will guide and captivate. The list will check itself off as the user completes the tasks.

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